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Integration between Pixologic & Formlabs to easily convert ZBrush models into 3D Printable models

Pixologic has tied a knot with Formlabs for incorporating both Pixologic’s ZBrush 3D design suite and Formlabs’ committed Preform 3D printing software. There exist an advanced 3D printing plugin that facilitates the users to convert any ZBrush creations into 3D printable models smoothly and efficiently.


ZBrush can generate digital maquettes, prototypes, concepts, jewelry designs, art toys, articulated toys, figurines, statuettes and more for 3d printing. Now this integration will streamline the procedure of converting ZBrush 3D models into 3D prints and easily optimize them through an advanced 3d printing plugin. ZBrush users will be able to effortlessly transmit 3D models out of the ZBrush design environment to Formlabs’ Preform software, via which the model can be 3D printed. The users can enjoy fastest 3d printing process with Formlabs’ new One Click Print functionality and prepare designs ready for the printer instantly.

The most updated version of ZBrush supports with Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave 3D, Poser Pro, DAZ Studio, EIAS and Modo. For artists new to digital sculpting, Pixologic offers a free trial of ZBrush software.


The new functionality will be launched in early 2016 as a feature inside ZBrush. The two companies did not disclose the release date for the software integration, but the process will be displayed by both at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, suggesting the plugin is ready to go.


ZBrush models into 3D Printable models


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