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Trimble Connect now supports sketchup 2016

The Trimble Connect, a cloud-based platform for designers, builders, owners and operators to combine, distribute and view project information, has been upgraded with a improved modern user-interface, new public API (application programming interface) support as well as new support for SketchUp version 2016, and a Trimble Connect Revit Add-in that was in beta stage.


With compatibility Revit 2016, Trimble Connect sustains shared coordinates with Revit models.

Other crucial features: Other enhancements range from LandXML v1.2 file formats and that the public API is now well matched with search. Now the Users will be able to locate files by picking root folder. Besides, the users can generate todo out of a selection of snapshots and not have it to be included as a todo on the 3D page.

There exists an API to present Read-Only/No Access Folder information. To upload .rvt files devoid of the plugin directly should demonstrate exact processing status. There are also various new fixes of bugs.


To get more information on Trimble Connect visit: SightSpace.Pro


Trimble Connect now supports sketchup 2016


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