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Make your 3d printing process easier with these top 10 free 3d modeling programs

If you want to develop an exceptional and purpose-built 3D printed object, you have to apply good 3d modeling software for generating your own custom 3D printable models.


Given below some most recognized free 3d modeling programs for 3d printing :-


TinkerCAD: Autodesk’s TinkerCAD is ideal for beginners 3d modelers. The browser-based 3D modeling software facilitates the users to develop geometrical 3D shapes as well as save and distribute them online. Later on these can be exported to .STL files to make them 3d printable. All the shapes are the building blocks and can be used to construct more complicated or detailed forms. Initially the 3d modelers can start modeling with some accessible 3D shapes together with a gallery of finished 3D printable models.


3DSlash: 3DSlash can be a great choice for beginners 3d modelers. It is based on Minecraft and particularly intended for non-designers of all ages (also for kids) to introduce 3D modeling concepts in a entertaining and game-like environment.


3DSlash contains some common tools, like hammers or chisels, to outline three-dimensional blocks. The procedure runs through three-step and it is spontaneous, multi-colored, and entertaining. Finally, the 3D models are distributed online and exported to .STL for 3D printing. 3DSlash V2.0 is the most updated version.

123D Design: 123D Design is another free 3D modeling program from Autodesk. It is a user-friendly 3D modeling and editing tool. 123D Design contains a wide-ranging library of pre-defined editable 3D models. Besides, there are tools to develop geometric 3D components beginning. The completed 3D models in 123D Design can be exported to .STL for 3D printing as well as uploaded directly Shapeways’ 3D printing service.


Blender: Blender is considered as the most robust and recognized free 3D modeling application. Blender is a useful tool for advanced digital sculpting tool. It can be used for producing more organic 3D shapes. There are some dazzling series of tools which offer total design freedom to the users. Besides, developing models for 3D printing, Blender can also naturalistic video game graphics, animated films, visual effects and more.


3DTin: 3DTin is a free, browser-based 3D modeling program useful for beginners 3d modelers. The users can choose from a wide array of geometric shapes as well as include or eliminate as necessary for developing their design. As soon as the design is completed, the 3d model can be included to 3DTin’s widespread library of Creative Commons 3D models which are considered as the most vital resource for students and beginners. With 3DTin, it becomes easier to directly export .STL files to i.Materialise, Thingiverse, or Sculpteo for smooth 3D printing. To run 3DTin, the JavaScript API WebGL is needed.


Sculptris: Sculptris is a digital sculpting tool ideal for 3D modeling organic shapes and textures. In ‘sculpt’ mode, the users will be able to edit the mesh geometry concerning their 3D shape. In ‘paint’ mode, there exist different brushes to develop realistic textures on the surface. Sculptris is very useful for beginners 3d modelers to enhance their 3D modeling skills.

Meshmixer: Meshmixer is considered as the most commanding 3d modeling program for 3d printing. It is designed for the digital-to-physical experience. Meshmixer is very helpful for modifying files produced with other 3D modeling programs or imported from Autodesk’s 123D Gallery, to simplify the 3d printing process. Besides previewing, refining and modifying accessible 3D models, Meshmixer can also generate organic 3D models from beginning through triangle meshes.


Meshmixer is also compatible with various desktop 3D printer models, or, facilitates the users to import their designs directly to Shapeways, Sculpteo, or i.materialise for printing and delivering models professionally. It also offers optimized tools for multimaterial 3D printing.


FreeCAD: With FreeCAD’s parametric modeling interface, the engineers and advanced product designers can develop complicated, functional, and realistic 3D printed objects. Parametric (or procedural) modeling facilitates the users to edit the object instantly and precisely with the existing model history and modifying its parameters. The designers can get limitless design freedom with FreeCAD’s wide-ranging professional-grade features.


OpenSCAD: OpenSCAD is a authentic, free program for generating solid, 3D printable models. OpenSCAD is a non-visual 3D modeling tool specifically designed for coders. OpenSCAD functions “like a 3D-compiler,” understanding a script file written in programming language, and later on rendering a 3D model from that script.


OpenSCAD’s parametric modeling facilitates smooth editing and exact control over the 3D model’s properties. 3D models can also be exported to .STL format for smooth 3D printing. It considered as one of the powerful non-visual 3D modeling tools.


Onshape: Onshape is the newest 3D modeling program. There are some limitations to access it at free of cost. Onshape comes up with some very exclusive and professional-grade 3D modeling features like real-time, team-based 3D design. Onshape is a parasolid-based mechanical CAD 3D modeling program for developing complicated parts and assemblies. It contains a cloud-based platform and supports different types of devices like iOS and Android smartphones. It facilitates various team members to concurrently work together on the 3D design. There are some added features like full CAD functionality, version control, and unlimited import and export for 3D printing. Furthermore, both Materialise and Pinshape have joined Onshape as 3D printing partners through their respective apps.


The users can only access 10 private documents and 5GB of storage at free of cost. To avail more features, the professionals can upgrade for just $100/month.


Sketchup: Sketchup is a user-friendly and free 3D modeling software. It contains a wide array of purposeful add-ons and tools. The Users can initially start drawing lines and shapes as well as develop a range of complicated geometric 3D forms in due course. Due to this line-based 3D modeling sketchup is widely accepted by the architects and engineers.


In order to export 3d printable .STL files, paid (sketchup pro) version is required.


top 10 free 3d modeling programs
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