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Some useful skethup tips to enhance underlay quality inside sketchup

Derek Mc Goldrick, the most experienced CAD technician, comes up with some useful sketchup tips to enhance underlay quality in sketchup significantly. These sketchup tips are useful when you are planning to develop a model on the basis of an image or discover the underlay quality.


SketchUp minimizes the texture size by default and it will produce a hazy image that is difficult to locate. This creates problem when you are unable to understand the details and dimensions from the underlay.

In order to get rid of the problem, go to "Window", then click "Preferences". On the left side of the new window, there will be OpenGl option, just click it. Now just turn on the checkmark in the box beside "use maximum texture size" and click "Okay".

Now your underlay will be fully evident similar to the original".


Note: If you finished with the underlay and prior to start using materials, it is recommended to uncheck the box. This will surely lessen the stress on your PC.

underlay quality inside sketchup
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