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Sketchup Team presents a series of useful sketchup tutorials online

Sketchup team presents a series of useful sketchup tutorials which are segregated in part 1, part 2 and part 3. These sketchup video tutorial series will help you to learn the basic of sketchup. Each sketchup tutorial is supported with new tools and vital techniques to simplify your sketchup workflow.


In first part, get familiar with the navigation tools to start orbit, pan and zoom around your model efficiently, then develop a simple house by applying a handful of drawing & modification tools.


The second part starts with speeding up your procedure by generating a more detailed house following some useful drawing tricks and using the Follow Me and Offset tools.


The third part is based on an interior space. Learn how to apply the Tape Measure tool to produce reference edges as well as gather more knowledge on the Offset and Push/Pull tools, copy objects and lastly paint surfaces and acquire supplementary models from the 3D Warehouse.


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