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4D Virtual Builder for SketchUp
4D Virtual Builder 4D Virtual Builder
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4D Virtual Builder makes 4D modeling easy and smooth. As construction projects become larger and more complex, the need for optimized collaboration and communication as well as process visualization increases. Appropriate but rather complex techniques like 4D/5D visualization should therefore be applied right from the start and the earliest design phases of the project. D-studio’s 4D Virtual Builder for SketchUp simplifies this process of 4D modeling significantly and this opens the door to real integration and collaboration and the first steps towards BIM.

With the 4D Virtual Builder one creates simple or more complex 4D models entirely in Google SketchUp. This way one can navigate through space as well as through time, showing the full construction process step-by-step. The construction sequence can be analyzed, alternative scenario’s checked and shared with whomever concerned. To create a model, just select a SketchUp entity, select the task and link it together. It’s as simple as that.

4D Virtual Builder models can be based on 3D models or 2D drawings. Tasks from all major scheduling software can be linked directly to SketchUp objects as to visualize all planning modifications immediately. It’s interactive and user friendly interface gets you started in no time. To facilitate report production, PowerPoint presentation, series of images and 4D texts are generated automatically.

There are four types of product 4D Virtual Builder, 4D VB Light, 4D VB Pro, 4D VB Ultimate.

Features :-

  • 4D visualization for sketchup
  • Create 4D model directly in sketchup
  • Synchronize with 2D/3D entities
  • Generates scenes and images part time interval
  • Share 4D models will all project partners



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