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The newest SketchList 3D Lit offers huge benefits for woodworking design

SketchList recently introduced SketchList 3D Lite. It is a free version of their exclusive woodworking design software. SketchList 3D is globally recognized software for designing, planning and formation of woodworking project. The 3d models of any wood project as well as reports for the shop can be easily generated with SketchList 3D Lite.


With SketchList 3D, the designers can insert, size, and trace virtual boards to produce their designs. With some simple clicks of the mouse, woodworking procedures are reproduced easily. With the help of mouse clicks, the users can add joinery, contours, holes, and shapes to boards. SketchList 3D follows the similar terms, concepts, and processes as woodworkers apply in their shops.

The software characterizes the board - what it demonstrates, what material it comes from, and how it will be organized for cutting. Thus the board preserves information ahead of size and shape.

SketchList applies the concept of functioning with virtual 3D boards on the screen instead of the CAD process of lines and boxes. It integrates various computer tools well-known to people and develops in shop-like functionality as well as use the jargons of woodworking practices.


SketchList 3D Lite is free to use and very useful for re-modeling a kitchen, building systems to organize a garage, or constructing a shed.


SketchList 3D is compatible with Windows or Mac Operating System and supports the Imperial and Metric measuring systems.


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