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How to create an exceptional interior scene with Keyshot for sketchup

This sketchup tutorial is created by the youtuber Boyd VM. The tutorial focuses on how to use Keyshot, an exclusive plugin for sketchup to develop an interior scene by setting up environment, materials, cameras and rendering.

Download the superior quality image files for RAW render, Post-Processing.


RAW Render




High quality of raw rendered image


High quality of post-pro image


With keyshot, one can generate perfect and stunning visuals instantly. One can examine all the modifications made to materials, lighting, and cameras quickly with keyshot’s exceptional rendering technology. In order to produce realistic images of your 3D model, just import your data and attribute materials by pulling and dropping them on the model as well as modify the lighting and change the position of the camera.

The most updated version is KeyShot 6 that contains superior speed to generate high exceptional visuals. Your workflow becomes better with speedy lighting capabilities and expanded materials feature with the inclusion of new KeyShot Material Graph. Besides, there are advanced tools which facilitate scripting and geometry editing to develop stunning shots rapidly.



Keyshot for sketchup


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