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How sketchup functions in the BIM process with Revit

This sketchup video will show you how sketchup can function effectively in BIM Revit Environment.


SketchUp can perform well for concept modeling and analyzing numerous options instantly. It is an excellent design tool as it facilitates the designer to think in a very quick and informal way as well as generate as quickly as they can envisage. But, sketchup does not contain the profundity and aptitudes necessary for managing a big commercial project.


Conversely Revit is specifically designed to control various all facets of the BIM production process. There are extensive lists of modeling options and related database tools within Revit and these are used to effortlessly deal with almost anything concerning BIM. It feeds information and performs an outstanding job of assembling and arranging the complete workflow. But, Revit is not best suited for creating stellar design like SketchUp does. Revit can’t manage the modeling process likewise sketchup. It is natively too complicated relative to the very simple modeling process of SketchUp.


How sketchup functions in the BIM process with Revit


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