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Gravity Sketch – An iPad app to simplify the 3d design and 3d printing process

A British startup company has developed Gravity Sketch, an iPad app that creates and converts drawings into virtual and physical 3D models. The models are developed through combinations of several pre-programmed shapes, or drawing freehand along axes. These digital models can be easily distributed and viewed with VR headsets or an AR smartphone or tablet app which will submit the 3D sketch floating above the screen.


Gravity Sketch contains various digital drawing tools which can be operated through a finger or stylus to form 3D images. The completed models then can be directly delivered to a 3D printer.

Gravity Sketch applies a method known as direct 3D generation and it facilitates the users to sketch with their fingers on the screen of an iPad to produce 3D objects in actual time.


There are intuitive brushes with simple symmetry algorithms which empower the users to create the drawing of a 3D pyramid, web, donut, sausage, or virtually any other 3D shape by applying few clicks of the finger.

Gravity Sketch consists of a product arc covering tablets, augmented reality, and virtual reality to significantly improve the 3D design process. Making Integration with 3D design platform Sketchfab and global 3D printing marketplace Shapeways, Gravity Sketchup conveys any 3D design to Shapeways for make it 3d printable directly from the app and shipped within two day.


One can download the Gravity Sketch app freely from the App store.



Gravity Sketch app
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