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Liquid Galaxy is a new system to upload any architectural and engineering models into Google Earth developed with sketchup

The Liquid Galaxy is a new concept to share your virtual reality experience through a group of users devoid of head-mounted displays.


The liquid can’t generate full virtual reality that perfectly engross the users in 360°x360° surrounding rather than it applies 3D VR content for developing a panorama view that spreads away into the peripheral vision of viewers.


The system is organized with five or seven large monitors in a 12′-4″ (3.75m) diameter arc and applies the Liquid Galaxy hardware and software to develop the experiences for the users for easy navigation. Motion during the 3D environment is managed through a touchscreen, a 6-axis SpaceNav controller or tracking systems like Leap Motion ( ) all facilitating the users to navigate while “in” the 3D model.


The users can test the satellite imagery and 3D building models of Google Earth in the large-scale panorama of the Liquid Galaxy as well as encircling the globe. With the capability to use Google Earth, users will be able to load architectural and engineering models into Google Earth that are produced with Trimble’s 3D modeling software, SketchUp. This aspect facilitates the users to investigate or preview and envisage new spaces that are under testing phase. It is specifically helpful for architectural firms who are digging into a robust medium for presentations.


Real Estate brokerages can display properties containing 3D models of merged Google Earth data and “fly” potential clients surrounding intense urban neighborhoods or big rural landscapes. With the Liquid Galaxy, the users can enjoy a contextual tour with various listings devoid of departuring the real estate office, although the properties belong to distant locations.


Some extra data can be included in Liquid Galaxy presentations to improve the value of the experience. An urban atmosphere could highlight facilities like mass transit, road usage, and other demographic data. End Point offers a browser-based content management system that facilitates the team to develop complete presentations with geographic maps, pins, and GIS information containing graphic overlays, video, and web pages. These presentations are utilized to walk the viewer through a full story, covering location to location together with illustrative text, photos, and videos.


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Google Earth developed with sketchup


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