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Autodesk introduced Meshmixer 3.0 with multi-material 3D Printing

Autodesk just launched the most updated version of its Meshmixer 3D mesh software alias Meshmixer 3.0. This newest software contains an innovative “complex objects” feature that facilitates the users to generate 3D models for multi-material 3D printing. This will help in producing multi-part 3D printed designs through multi-material 3D printers.


There is also a “complex objects” feature to manage as well as examine 3D models in a totally new system. With Meshmixer, it now becomes easier for the users to choose internal regions of a 3D model and handle them as individual parts of the identical object. These individual parts can be modified in particular ways by keeping the shape of the complete object intact.


With Complex objects in Meshmixer 3.0, the users can get rid of the issue maintaining an assembly of individual parts. Besides, the software will automate the process for deriving the multi-material breakdown of a 3D model on the basis of the markup of the surface. This new feature will provide support for printing with multi-material 3D printers like as the Stratasys Object Connex.

Meshmixer 3.0 allows the users to arrange subsets of mesh points into collections known as complexes and then assign various materials to those complexes.


There are also new features for users who deal with laser cutters. As for instance, the new “Unwrap” tool can smooth 3D surface patches into their constituent 2D faces—most suitable for Ikea imitators. These smoothed patches are exportable as SVG files which can then be delivered to a printer or laser cutter.


The scaling of a 3D model can also be performed in a new method with the “Units/Dimensions” tool. The users will be able to able to put in any recognized measurements of specific regions of a 3D model, and the software can estimate the exact measurements of other regions. This feature is ideal for working with photogrammetry projects.


Meshmixer 3.0 was unveiled on January 19 by Ryan Schmidt of Autodesk Research at SIGGraph 2016, a conference held by the Association for Computing Machinery for the Special Interest Group on computer Graphics. It is free to download for Windows, OSX and Linux.


Meshmixer 3.0 is compatible with Windows, OSX and Linux platform and the users can download it from the following link. Meshmixer 3.0




Meshmixer 3.0


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