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Enjoy more improved 3d architectural modeling with CloudCities For Sketchup

SmarterBetterCities introduces an improved 3D Cloud Technology alias CloudCities to make architecture modeling process superior. With CloudCities for sketchup will facilitate the sketchup users to efficiently develop and publish their 3d models over various platforms together with the web. The sketchup users can now experience combined 3d planning on any mobile gadget.

CloudCities for sketchup offers the following functionalities :-


• View, upload, distribute and examine 3D city models.
• Present a story that contains 3D designs, plans, layers, and colorful dashboards.
• Deliver shared 3D on any device through a web browser.
• Simply obtain 3D models in the cloud.

CloudCities facilitates the sketchup users to look for, share out and display SketchUp models as well as transfer models to life. Devoid of still imagery and videos, users can get benefitted with interactive 3D models through a web browser exclusive of any plugin.


CloudCities support for SketchUp can transform the architectural 3D modeling process to the next level. By delivering SketchUp models to the cloud, infinite collaboration is possible. As a result, the sketchup users can develop smarter cities and communities.


There exist a free single model version together with a more powerful Pro and Enterprise subscription editions. CloudCities offer extended support for SketchUp and widespread its community by involving architects, planners and universities.


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CloudCities For Sketchup
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