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Visualizer for SketchUp can generate photorealistic virtual image with a single click

Imagination Technologies has just launched Visualizer for SketchUp. This latest sketchup program facilitates the users to snap real time virtual photos of their 3D designs in SketchUp(R) with a single click.

The sketchup users can access Visualizer for SketchUp through A free seven-day trial and a license version for $19.99 are available in

Visualizer for SketchUp can transform any sketchup model to a photographic version. Visualizer is similar to a smartphone camera inside SketchUp. With the progression of the work, the image in the Visualizer revises in real time and produces quick visual view for the design underway. After getting the satisfactory result, the users can apply shutter button to snap a quick picture and distribute with others, present to the client for demonstration, or have an idea regarding the quality of the design. By reproducing the pathways of light in 3D space precisely, users will be able to view shadows, delicate lighting details as well as focal depth and exposure of the virtual camera itself. With the physical dimensions and geolocation information obtained from SketchUp, the resulting picture depicts how the photograph of the model will appear in real-life.

Visualizer ascertains material properties directly from the information previously existed in the SketchUp model devoid of any modification. To manage focus and exposure, just draw an exposure and focus point just about the image and the picture revises in real-time.

Visualizer for SketchUp applies Imagination's highly powerful PowerVR Ray Tracing software for generating photorealistic images in real-time.

Visualizer for SketchUp can generate photorealistic virtual image with a single click

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