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Raylectron plug-in for SketchUp Download

The technology behind Raylectron, unlike others, is unique. Developed from the law of light propagation, it is able to perform faster while retaining the basic fundamental law of physics. Using many proprietary algorithms developed by SoftByte Labs over the course of many years of research, it is able to achieve photorealistic output without material setup complexity (you can not tell the difference between a photograph and the rendered output). In fact, it is so easy to use, anyone can use it. Raylectron employ three different technology, each, as easy as the other. Depending on your requirement, you can achieve photorealism in less than a minute, and for the perfectionist, you stop it when you know it's perfect!

Features found in Raylectron...  
Raylectron plug-in for Sketchup Raylectron plug-in for Sketchup
Raylectron plug-in for Sketchup
Raylectron plug-in for Sketchup
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Have you ever tried to duplicate a high poly tree hundreds of time? ...and gave up because Sketchup uses all your memory and is barely responding? No problem, we have a solution. Instancing of components and groups allow you to duplicate any component or group without increasing the poly count and memory usage. In fact, each instance only takes up 12 poly, no matter how many poly the original has. Create huge forest, metropolitan area, grass etc.

Ease of use...
Raylectron was designed to work within Sketchup, but, unlike others, it does not "freeze" Sketchup. That is, you can continue to work on your model while it is being rendered. Furthermore, if you need to change the camera position, change material settings, turn on/off some lights etc., you do not need to export your model. You can do all this within Raylectron, and start/stop the render without any delay occurred by re-exporting the model. Raylectron include a model viewer where you can rotate/pan/zoom just like in Sketchup.





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