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Model the Model Initiative – an exclusive sketchup challenge

The Model the Model Initiative is set off for employing SketchUp modelers like research participants who have to opt for a building, site, or object in Google Earth that is presently represented as a photogrammetry mesh model and to digitally create the low accuracy representation by hand as it were a genuine building, then to distribute the digital file to Trimble 3D Warehouse providing the tag "ModeltheModel".

This program is aimed at discovering how this modeling procedure might be dissimilar or identical to the development of modeling real buildings or sites, and what knowledge can be gathered from modeling an algorithmically produced model "by hand."

The effort is a summation of friendly SketchUp challenge, research work out, digital documentation, and an assessment of Google's verdict to eliminate all of the user–generated models from Google Earth step by step.

If any sketchup professionals like to contribute to the project, they can contact with

Model the Model Initiative – An exclusive sketchup challenge
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