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SketchUP Help - Creating models for Google Earth

♦ I can't find my model in Google Earth.
♦ I'm having difficulty importing a terrain image successfully from Google Earth for the PC.
♦ SketchUp is unable to connect to Google Earth (PC).
♦ Why does the 3D Google Earth terrain image contain unexpected valleys and holes?
♦ A SketchUp model is incorrectly positioned in Google Earth.
♦ Why are faces of my model displaying black in Google Earth?
♦ Why does my model end up in Boulder /London/ Paris/ Berlin /Rome/ Tokyo/Barcelona?
♦ Why does my model look different in Google Earth from how it looks in SketchUp?
♦ SketchUp is unable to get a Google Earth snapshot/current view (Mac).
♦ Why is the Google Earth terrain image black and white in SketchUp?
♦ My model is ending up in the ocean.
♦ When I click the Get Current View button, I get a black triangle in SketchUp.
♦ I can't place my model in Google Earth Ocean
♦ Model is rotated in Google Earth
♦ Textures incorrect in Google Earth
♦ Why is Google SketchUp not compatible with OS X 10.3.9?
♦ What should I know about Google SketchUp 6 and Leopard?
♦ I'm getting an error saying the .NET Framework is missing.
♦ SketchUp won't start on my PC.
♦ The installation won't run.
♦ I'm unable to start Google SketchUp on Windows 2000.
♦ When I launch SketchUp for OS X, it unexpectedly quits.
♦ Custom locations missing after installing SketchUp.
Licensing Pro
♦ Unable to validate license (PC)
♦ Moving network licenses
♦ I'm getting a message that the SketchUp license file doesn't exist.
♦ How do I fix a missing or corrupt license file?
♦ How do I install additional seats for a network license?
♦ Why haven't I received my Google SketchUp Pro license yet?
♦ Are there site or network licenses available for Google SketchUp Pro, including off-site licenses?
♦ After transferring SketchUp to my new Mac, my license isn't accepted.
♦ When I launch Google SketchUp Pro, it says "EVAL" in the corner.
♦ Can Google SketchUp Pro 7 use a network-license file from a previous version of SketchUp?
♦ I'm getting a message that Google SketchUp has expired.
♦ After I enter my license, nothing happens.
♦ I can't upgrade my SketchUp Pro license.
♦ I can't authorize Google SketchUp Pro because the License menu is grayed out. Are quantity discounts available for Google SketchUp Pro?
♦ I'm getting a message that SketchUp is unable to copy the license file (PC).
♦ Buying or Renewing EDU licenses
♦ Pro version is still in trial mode after purchasing a license.
♦ How do I upgrade my SketchUp Pro educational license to the newest version?
♦ What do I need to do to order a new (or to renew) my networked lab license?
♦ What do I need to do to get a new (or renew) my educator's license?
♦ Freezing upon launch
♦ Blurring/distorted images
♦ NVIDIA driver mis-match
♦ Clipping & missing faces
♦ Why do I see a white or black box around my cursor when I'm using SketchUp?
♦ BugSplat
♦ Unknown graphics card
♦ Flickering shadows in animations
♦ The Measurements Box has disappeared.
♦ I'm getting an invalid CAD Drawing or DXF file message.
♦ Edges are disappearing in my model when I zoom out.
♦ When I select a face, the reverse face is selected (PC).
♦ My Logitech mouse is running very slowly in SketchUp.
♦ I'm getting an invalid filename message (PC).
♦ I lost my SketchUp status bar (PC).
♦ I'm getting a message that SketchUp could not create texture when I import a 3DS file.
♦ Why doesn't a matched photo show the back of a building?
♦ I'm having troubles watching the video tutorials.
♦ Can I remap my mouse buttons in SketchUp?
♦ Why is Google SketchUp trying to print so many pages?
♦ Why does changing a Style affect the other Scenes using that Style?
♦ Why won't the camera orbit when I enable Two Point Perspective view?
♦ I'm holding down Shift to lock inference, but it doesn't work. Why?
♦ Why can't I drag a Scrapbook entity from the Scrapbooks dialog box?
♦ Why do my Fog settings change when I move the camera?
♦ Plug-in missing from 'Plugins' menu
♦ 2D image resolution
♦ Textures missing in PDF
♦ Flickering shadows in animations
♦ Account has no nickname - Error messag

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