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An exclusive sketchup training course on advance features of Sketchup conducted by Excitech

Excitech is conducting a useful one day course on advance features of sketchup. This sketchup course will commence from 27/11/2015 in Enfield (N. London). This sketchup course provides huge benefits to the advanced and expert sketchup users to explore various advanced features like superior presentation methods for sketchup models as well as how to work with CAD.

Eligibilities to attend the course:

Execute all functions learned in the Essentials Course. Ability to generate linear and radial arrays inside SketchUp by applying the Move/Copy tool. Sould contain a basic knowledge and capability tomanuever in Google Earth. Characterize producing basic geometric forms, together with polygons, arcs and make use of more advanced features like the FOLLOWME tool and TEXTURE TWEAKER.

Apply Groups and Components to seperate geometry, find out disparities amid a group and a component and comprehend component inferencing behavior and editing a component. Generate materials and utilize the materials browser and libraries. Good knowledge in useing SketchUp Styles. Users must have fundamental knowledge on how to apply LayOut for making presentations.

Moto of this sketchup Training Course:

  • Photomatch from several images and incorporate a model into a site photograph
  • Generate and control Curved Forms
  • Entourage and Distribute models through 3D Warehouse
  • Produce custom face-me plant material from image files.
  • Reload and Substitute imported 2D AutoCAD blocks by 3D geometry.
  • Import and Export your SketchUp model to and from Google Earth.
  • Apply several plug-ins and ruby scripts like makefaces.rb, and SimplifyContours.rb
  • Terrain modeling by applying the functions of the Sandbox tools.
  • How to apply advanced techniques when dealing with large files like the Hide Rest of Model feature while editing components.
  • Import file types from other software packageslike AutoCAD, ArcGIS, and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Modeling from CAD files
  • Section Tool
  • How to include Dimensions to Sections
  • Generate outstanding presentations through Google LayOut


If scheduled dates are not suitable for any attendees, they can contact with the training department of Excitech by giving a phonecall at 0845 370 1500 or emailing for latest information.

Course Costs: On a Scheduled Course - £265 per Person. After choosing the course, please contact on 01992 807500 or send mail to talk to one of the training specialists of Excitech who will solve your queries or book your seat on your selected course.

An exclusive sketchup training course on advance features of Sketchup conducted by Excitech

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