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Render plus System – Space Design

Render plus System - Space Design is a free, add-on package for SketchUp to make it easy to layout 3D components from the 3D Warehouse (or your own components) and report on them. Render plus System Space Design incorporates wizards to:

- Rooms - create a room for quick placement of components
- Components: Select, place, move, copy and rotate 3D components
- Shapes - create standard 3D shapes such as cylinders and cones
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♦ Space Design toolbar.
♦ Start dialog – Options and help for Render plus Tools.
♦ Select component – Select Sketchup components from an explorer like list.
♦ Move wizard – move a component along an axis.
♦ Copy Wizard – copy a component along an axis model.
♦ Room – create room for placement.
♦ Cylinder space – create a cylinder.
♦ Cone space – create a cone.

Who should use it?

3D Component Makers, Ruby Developers and SketchUp Model Makers.

Space Design is very powerful – allowing customization of attributes, calculations, reports, etc. – However that means it can be challenging for end users to get everything right for a custom report. It makes more sense if a SketchUp Service Provider sets up attribute definitions, report formats, etc. and then passes them on to the end user.

How to use it?

Include Attributes in your Components and Groups for reporting then include SpaceDesign as part of your final product

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