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SimLab 3D PDF Exporter

The SimLab 3D PDF exporter plug-in allows the user to generate high quality 3D PDF files from inside the Sketchup environment. The output 3D PDF file includes all views created in Sketchup, so the recipient can easily navigate between different views.

PDF-3D-from-sketchup-Building PDF-3D-from-sketchup-Plane
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The plugins supports the following features:

♦ Controlling the PDF page (Size of the page, Margins. and Back color or image of the PDF page)
♦ Controlling over the 3D Section (Default light to be used, Render mode, Navigation mode, and Back plate for the 3D section)
♦ Showing or hiding the 3D tool bar in the created 3D PDF
♦ Using the optional password parameter to protect generated documents
♦ Merging with other PDF files, this allows the user to append the generated 3D PDF file to and existing PDF file
♦ Adding background music to make 3D PDF more interesting
♦ Exporting the scenes from SketchUp. The new generated file will include all the scene views created by the user, so the recipient can navigate between the scenes easily (with optional automatic camera switching mode)
♦ Adding header and footer text, and selecting appropriate fonts, colors and sizes
♦ Supporting inserting Java Scripts, for the document and the 3D sections

Simlab also introduced a brilliant "Automatic Camera Mode" to switch smoothly and nicely between different views, another tool to empower you 3D scene presentation.

3D PDF from sketchup is a powerful plugin which allows users to share their 3D files in the popular 3D PDF file format, which can be opened using the free and popular Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Simlab plugins were updated to support SketchUp 7 and 8, and they are all using the new licensing system.

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