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Shaderlight Plugin for SketchUp

Shaderlight is another interactive photorealistic rendering plugin for Sketchup available for both Windows and Mac. After continuous and consistent release of its advance version, Shaderlight Pro enables you to produce much higher quality images in no time. You have also control over how you render your sketchup models with the ability to animate to Sketchup scene. The Sketchup plugin Shaderlight free or Pro is very simple to use and doesn’t require immense knowledge of technology to get great result.

Shaderlight is now available for both Mac and Windows and will run with both Free and Pro versions of SketchUp version 7.1 or 8. For the best results run Shaderlight with the latest version of SketchUp. 

Shderlight V2 3DPaintBrush
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Anyone can use this tool but mostly Architect, Interior Designers, Product Designers, Manufacturers, Engineers are preferably using it to yield high quality rendering. A UK based company “artVPS” is official maker of this plugin and in October 2010, Shaderlight was first launched. The latest version Shaderlight V2.1 have a library of real world light fixtures. The advantage of this library is when rendered with Shaderlight Pro they illuminate a scene as they would be in the real world. Material library is also available in both free and Pro. This edition the quality of interior renders has been improved dramatically, especially when using portal lights to illuminates the scene. Its Autosave function saves your rendering from being lost if you accidently close the Shaderlight. The new animation features add a new button to shaderlight toolbar and enables you to create photoreal renders of their SketchUp scene animations.  artVPS team has made advanced Shaderlight Cloud rendering which is next version of Shaderlight V2.1 that includes a button to access the cloud. The V2 users will get the new version as a free upload and all new Shaderlight licences will incorporate this feature.

Shaderlight V2.1 comes with even greater features runs with both Free and Pro versions of Sketchup 7 or 8. The numbers of features includes:

  • Interactive rendering
  • Simple interface
  • Replace Me 
  • Light fixture library - NEW in v2.1
  • Refine your image

More descriptive idea about these characteristics can be observed from the official site of artVPS. The Shaderlight for Sketchup require minimum 2 GB RAM and 1 GHz dual core processor to run in your computer. Operating System must be Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 or MacOSX 10.5 or above with Sketchup 7 or 8 and Internet Explorer 8 or above is required on Windows platforms.

The cost of a Shaderlight license has not changed. Shaderlight Pro 2.1 is available for commercial and educational purpose at different cost depending upon number of user and duration.

For more details, you can visit to

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