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Sefaira Introduces Sefaira for SketchUp, the first ever Real-Time Energy Analysis Software for Building Design

Sefaira, the key solution provider and software developer for high performance building design, just released Sefaira for SketchUp.

The architects can experience real time energy analysis for Building by incorporating energy analysis directly into the design progression with Sefaira for SketchUp and generate high performance building.

Advantages for designers

The plugin contains an easy to use interface that instantly exhibits how a design is executed and facilitates designers to unite the dots connecting building design and energy utilization at the same time teaches the designer to have the greatest practices for improving the performance. The designers will be able to make an excellent fa├žade design in the quickest possible way. Now designers can assess performance over diverse iterations.

Sefaira for SketchUp provides instant and continuous feedback on a design's energy utilization along with information concerning the design elements which are liable for unsatisfactory performance. These all can be performed directly inside SketchUp even as the architect is busy with design work.

Sefaira for SketchUp contains the energy flow graph that features the end uses of energy concerned with heating, cooling, lighting and appliances. It also graphically presents the heat gains and losses from the building which can facilitate a designer to take the proper decisions and achieve the goals for building performance.

Sefaira for SketchUp aids the designers to evaluate their ideas and discover sensible options, all exclusive of long-lasting meetings or expensive iterations.

Advantages for architects

Sefaira for SketchUp will empower the architects to get full insight regarding the application of their design verdict in real time at the same time allowing them to convey accurately sustainable solutions from beginning.

Sefaira for SketchUp is an fasinating tool that transform performance analysis an integral part of the design progression, not compelling the architect to include complications to the method, but flawlessly incorporating performance analysis in the process that the architect is already using."

Sefaira Introduces Sefaira for SketchUp, the first ever Real-Time Energy Analysis Software for Building Design

Availability - The Sefaira users can access Sefaira for SketchUp. For getting more updates visit

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