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IDX Renditioner

Use of IDX Renditioner

The product bridges the gap between enthusiasts and professional users. SketchUp users that require rendering include:

Architects - use SketchUp for conceptual modeling, then use IDX Renditioner to present photorealistic expressions of your design to potential clients. Others in the process may also need the best rendered images to present to planning groups, the community, and others. Customer leave-behinds can be printed in larger formats due to the 16 megapixel maximum image size.
Architectural Visualization Professionals - many individuals performing architectural visualization have very advanced software and advanced skills in creating the best renderings. This tool may allow them to create renderings much faster and at less cost for those clients that have a limited budget. A highly productive low cost renderer like IDX Renditioner can open the market to a broader range of potential clients
IDX Renditioner IDX Renditioner
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Interior decorators - prepare renderings for conceptual designs and use a photorealistic rendering to present to potential clients the transformation that's possible and express your vision.
Lighting design professionals - for presentation to potential clients. Rendered images can convey the expression of your designs and help close the sale. IDX Renditioner performs well with numerous lights in the model, and lets you select the lumens and color temperature for each light. The large 16 megapixel maximum image size means lighting detail can be seen in printed images that convey the power and emotion that great lighting can produce.
Art departments for film and theater - Art Directors, Production Designers, set designers, and others use SketchUp for a variety of purposes. Photorealistic rendering helps communicate the design vision to all who need a better feel for the final environment.
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