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CutList Bridge 2.7 - An exclusive plugin for woodworkers

Joseph P. Zeh, having more than 35 years experience in the high tech computer, graphics as well as woodworking industry, has just released CutList Bridge 2.7.

CutList Bridge is a Trimble SketchUp exporting tool plugin script. With CutList Bridge, the sketchup professionals and woodworkers can produce cut list instantly and efficiently by exporting SketchUp dimensions and other leading component attributes to a .CSV file. The sketchup professionals can then import the .csv file into CutList Plus fx or any application compatible with comma-separated file format like Microsoft Excel and Open/Office.

CutList Bridge implies the intuitive Ruby API supported by Trimble SketchUp. Its functional code is prepared with Ruby whereas the Graphical User Interface is formed with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

The latest version of the plugin is CutList Bridge 2.7 and it contains the following enhancements:-

  • Fix a bug concerning the units which were reported with inaccurate symbols when the Material Type column were excluded on the Columns tab page at the time of exporting sketchup dimensions or component attributes to Excel or OpenOffice.
  • Fix a bug that raised when Material Type was the last column heading on the Columns tab page. It means once no headings went after Material Type, the material types were rejected. It is only applicable at the time of exporting to Excel or OpenOffice.
  • Fix a bug when Sub-Assembly by Layer, a Setup page parameter, was not reinstated while exporting is performed devoid of opening the Extended Entity Info dialog box.
  • Fix a bug with the Material Name and eliminate drop down lists on the Attributes and Lists tabs correspondingly. A double quote became visible before and after the drop down list. This occurred when the change were made from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 2.0.

Fore more bugs, the users can report these to or contact at (413) 238-0338

Download the CutList Bridge User's Guide.pdf

Download the cutlist_bridge_revision_2.7.rbz

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