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Visual Simulation : Advanced Rendering in SketchUp – An exclusive course for advanced sketchup users

Mike Ernst, the well known urban planner and designer, is offering a course for sketchup users alias “Visual Simulation: Advanced Rendering in SketchUp”. This online sketchup course will continue for 46 minutes 48 seconds. This course is very useful for advanced sketchup users to be well versed with photo realistic emulation in their renderings.


By undergoing this course, the sketchup users can learn how to apply a free third-party renderer like Kerkythea to produce a more photorealistic rendering (adding more pragmatic lighting and shading) of a SketchUp model. The participants will also learn how to utilize Adobe Photoshop to include supplementary components to the rendered model.

The course will include the following topics:-


  • Setting Up 2:58.
  • Prepare Your Model for Export 6:22.
  • Face Covering 7:01.
  • Setting Up Scenes in sketchup models and get rid of some common mistakes 6:51.
  • Creating the Image 5:20.
  • Additional Detailing 9:06.
  • Finalize.


Course fees

Visual Simulation - Advanced Rendering in SketchUp

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