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Some useful online resources to learn sketchup at free of cost

SketchUp is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that anyone can easily learn it and become expert modeler. It provides great benefits to all the sections of the society like Architects to house wives and from dentists to entrepreneurs.


SketchUp is mainly an exclusive 3D modeling software. Recently Sketchup layout was launched and it is useful 2D planner drawings. There are wide array of applications of Sketchup. Architects apply it for producing quick and perfect 3D models for buildings, game designers utilize it to generate 3D models, furniture designers and carpenters use it for making design of furniture pieces, interior designers apply it for creating interior & exterior designing of a building, Lots of housewives utilize SketchUp to make the design of furniture for their houses, Several entrepreneurs apply SketchUp to generate 3D models for their projects.


There are lots of free online resources to provide training for sketchup. These courses are very helpful for beginners sketchup users.

SketchUp Website: Through SketchUp Website, the newbie sketchup professionals can gather knowledge on sketchup by some exclusive video tutorials. The sketchup users don’t have to register to avail the tutorials as all the tutorials are . The available tutorials are well-formulated and categorized for beginners.


The training is segregated into 6 sections (levels); each section contains a group of tutorials that focuses on definite topic in SketchUp. The training course is also useful intermediate as well as advanced sketchup users.


Just visit the website and choose the section you’re concerned.




  • Free.
  • The training is well-formulated and organized for beginners.
  • The training focuses on several intermediate and advanced topics.
  • The training highlights SketchUp Layout.



  • The tutorials are based on video only. For any revision, the users have to re-watch the whole video section.


Alison: Alison also offers useful free video tutorials for beginner’s sketchup users. The course is partitioned into 5 modules; each module consists of a video tutorial that highlights definite topics in SketchUp. The last module (5th module) refers to an assessment module. There are some multiple choice exams to assess your understanding concerning the course topics and one can get a certificate after passing the exam. But the exams are not free. One has to pay 10 Euros for the PDF format. Different rates are assigned for different PDF.


The course interface is very simple, just click on the module you prefer to opt for and you’ll be going to a new window with the video tutorial.


Now, to the pros and cons:




  • Free.
  • The course is well-structured and organized for beginners.
  • One has to pay for acquiring the certificate at the end of the course.




  • The course covers the old version of SketchUp.
  • The course is not intended for intermediate or advanced sketchup users.


Wood Working with SketchUp: Wood Working with SketchUp is also a great resource for learning sketchup at free of cost through some exclusive video tutorials without any registration. This course is useful for the professionals who deal with woodworking projects.


The training is segregated into 5 sections; each section includes a group of tutorials that focuses on certain topics in SketchUp. The sketchup users can avail numerous SketchUp tips that are organized in a individual section.


All the tutorials are listed under each other, just click on the course you want to undergo and get it.




  • Free.
  • The training is well-structured and organized for beginners.
  • Lots of useful SketchUp tips are available.




  • The training consists of old version of SketchUp.


Harwood Podcast Network: Harwood Podcast Network is another good resource where beginners undergo video tutorials to learn sketchup at free of cost.


There exists total 62 video podcast that focuses on every characteristics of SketchUp.




  • Free.
  • Explains several important topics in SketchUp.




  • This tutorial cover ups a very old version of SketchUp.


Some useful online resources to learn sketchup at free of cost

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