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Take your rendering skill to a higher level with Artlantis 5

Artlantis is an intuitive and simplified 3d rendering application that facilitates architects, designers and urban design professionals to produce high resolution 3D renderings, iVisit 3D Panoramas, iVisit 3D VR Objects as well as animations instantly.


The latest version of the software is Artlantis version 5. The users can access it through one window and it is compatible with Mac and PC.


The latest version comes up with restructured interface, an incorporated media store and several improved features. The display of the project has been greatly revamped and the preview size has been larger. Artlantis 5 introduces a new filter option on the list to enhance the display of any content.

Artlantis 5 consists of latest attributes for your perceptions: each point of view now contains its own unlimited ground level, material and background images and foreground whose operation, resizing or modification to edges of the preview are significantly optimized.


There exists a cutting plane at the height of the camera and a display of textures for superior clarity of the project to 2D information within one window.


The display of the new media catalog is divided into categories (as icons) and subcategories (as title), through which the users can select the exact media to develop your 3D scene.


By adding a dedicated Media Store, the users will be able to purchase online in excess of 4,000 objects and shaders of any type. The users can download new media which will be automatically preserved in the proper categories and sub-categories in the catalog.

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Take your rendering skill to a higher level with Artlantis 5

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