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Perform a superior rendering by combining sketchup and blender

The SketchUp is an outstanding tool for 3d modeling work. But the main problem arises while rendering any images with sketchup as the tool is not intended particularly for viewing. In order to produce photo-realistic images with sketchup, one has to apply several plugins and 3rd party renders like V-ray or Maxwell render. But for availing these softwares, the users have to purchase a license which may not be always affordable for users.


The users can utilize Blender, a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software suite useful for a series of 3d work like modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking as well as editing and game formation, together with Sketchup for creating realistic images without buying any licence.

The sketchup professionals can create a 3d model and export it to DXF format model that is supported by both the free version of the software like SketchUp Pro. After exporting the model to DXF format, apply Autodesk FBX Converter to convert 3d model twice. Now the first and second FBX will be converted to OBJ format.


Once the geometry is appropriately imported into Blender, the users have to work on the settings attached Cycles own, that would be the materials and textures in conjunction with the lighting of the scene.


For getting the best result, try to build the most of the materials and textures of the selected settings for creating the images renderer as it solves the problems of mapping and makes sure the pragmatism of the surfaces in the image. It is recommended that all the setup procedure of the textures should be performed in Blender.

There are some useful courses on rendering with Blender:-



Go through the following video that focuses on how to export a scene from sketchup to blender and the fundamentals of the of the cycles render engine.


Perform a superior rendering by combining sketchup and blender

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