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An exclusive course on designPH, the most recognized sketchup plugin for energy modelers

Andrew Peel is organizing a live event on designPH, an exclusive sketchup plugin for PHPP. This course will be held on June 16, 2014 from 9am to 4:30pm in 505 Eighth Avenue at West 35th St, New York. The course will provide great benefits to architects, developers, self-builders, building energy modellers and other building professionals.


designPH is useful to make the design procedure uncomplicated for getting the Passive House standard. The most updated plug-in for SketchUp contains a 3d modeling interface that is compatible with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). One can produce a building model, allot building components, and go for a location. A streamlined annual energy calculation offers a swift test of the design. After getting a submissive design, key building characteristics are exported for amalgamation into PHPP.

By attending this one-day course, participants will get familiar with the application of designPH in support of the design and certification of Passive House buildings. Participants will be provided brief guidance throughout the building design progression, from formation of building model to exporting to PHPP. Special attention will be given on iterative design to obtain the Passive House criteria. There will be a case study containing practical experience in producing and documenting a designPH model for building certification.


Topics of the course:-


  • Generate a 3D model of a building.
  • Establish prime building characteristics along with areas, volumes, and shading.
  • Know the usage of the designPH interface and how to access the components database.
  • Allocate building components and performance data to the building model.
  • Work out a simplified annual energy balance for the building.
  • Be trained how to iteratively clarify the model to get the Passive House criteria.
  • Export building characteristics and import them into PHPP.
  • Acquire and document data and calculations for Passive House certification.

To attend the event, one has to pay $295 that contains the cost of snacks & coffee. NYPH members can get a $25 reduction.


Course Requirements: Laptop with PHPP v8.5, Google Sketchup 8, designPH v.1.0.0, and MS Excel (or equivalent), all preloaded.


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An exclusive course on designPH, the most recognized sketchup plugin for energy modelers

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