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INVIEW labs introduces UNIFI compatible with sketchup

Nevada based INVIEW Labs, the leading BIM software provider just launches UNIFI, a digital asset management platform for next generation. With this software, the users will be able to deal with, utilize and explore numerous digital design assets.


Dwayne Miller, CEO of JBA Consulting Engineers and Ken Gardner, CEO of 8108, Inc. Engineering Consultants have jointly developed UNIFI.

With UNIFI, the architects as well as engineers can virtually design a building and 3-D game designers can easily create virtual gaming worlds by applying numerous digital assets.


This newly launched application is compatible with the most highly recognized design software, like Trimble Sketchup, Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD.

It is created to accommodate user workflows and with simplified global admittance to content, cloud-based intelligence makes searching and finding these design assets in a quickest possible way. UNIFI speed ups productivity by facilitating users to look for assets and position them into project designs in a trouble-free and perceptive method.


Download a demo version


INVIEW labs introduces UNIFI compatible with sketchup

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