Visualizer for Sketchup 1.1

Visualizer provides quickest and trouble free way to generate eye catching & realistic photos from any SketchUp model. The latest version of Visualizer alias Visualizer 1.1 is just launched. This newest version contains several advanced features. The users can upgrade to visualizer 1.1 at free of cost.

The following are some improved features of the latest version:-

FluidRay RT contains the following exclusive features:-

  • While creating a windmill or a gymnasium, the users can now apply Visualizer to put up images with different shape equipped with the maximum size of their screen(s). The users can also use some quick shortcuts to tally the proper aspect of any SketchUp session.
  • There exist a new progress guide that empowers the users to make an accurate image out of a complicated scene.
  • The users can now easily identify the required prefix in the folder control to rename any photo.
  • The users will be able to match SketchUp's ground-shadow behavior with visualizer i.e. toggle ground shadows off and on via the standard SketchUp control.
  • Superior Layer Management along with Color-By-Layer. It is useful for multifaceted site models or construction instructions.
Visualizer for Sketchup 1.1