Making Amazing Presentations by Using Sketchup Plug-ins

SketchUp is a 3D based computer program for drawing applications in interior design, mechanical engineering, landscape architecture. It is a CAD solution to create and edit 2D and 3D models.


1. Lighting effect
2. 2D based models
3. Animations
4. Layer manager
5. 3D based models
6. Textures


1. Easy to use
2. Rich, modelling tools
3. Direct editing push and pull technology
4. It can easily navigate the program.

SketchUp Modules

There are 3 SketchUp modules available in the market. First is SketchUp free. Anyone can use this software. It is absolutely free of cost. The next module is SketchUp for School.

This software is for students and teachers. The last one is SketchUp Pro. users have to subscribe to this software. This software is for professionals.

Adding personal style to the presentation gives it an unique feel. Style Builder plugin helps the users to create custom styles by using imported digital or hand drawn strokes. Users are able to combine the line styles with textures, colours and watermarks for making the presentation more powerful.

Creating 2D based drawing and presentation documents

After adding a style, users have to insert the model into the layout. After importing a 3D based model a viewport is placed on that page. Whichever the scenes users set up in the SketchUp files those will be ready to use in LayOut.

Now users can use the plugin named combine model views with the text for presenting the detail of designs, materials, and design options. These types of tools can be used in LayOut also. So users have no worry about using the tools in LayOut and they use this tool for drawing, resizing, adding details, making copies and changing styles and scales.

SketchUp software is fully editable software on the web. Users can edit their file or projects whenever they need. Users can open their model in SketchUp from Trimble Connecton any type of device to make changes and save the file in Trimble Connect for easy access.

Create rendered images by using Trimble Connect visualizer

If users subscribe to SketchUp then they are able to create renders by using Trimble Connect. This feature of SketchUp is available only in Windows.

Virtual Reality

Users can bring life to their model by using virtual reality. This virtual reality is accessible for SketchUp subscribers.

SketchUp Viewer

Printed drawings or pdf is not the only way to showcase the project. Users now can use the SketchUp Viewer to view and share the projects on iOS and android devices. Users also can switch the scenes for showcasing the designs and input detailed information on the specific designs. AR viewer is free for SketchUp subscribers.

Sum Up

In this article we discuss What is SketchUp, how users create amazing presentations by using model views Trimble Connect visualizer,Virtual Reality, SketchUp Viewer.

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Making Amazing Presentations by Using Sketchup Plug-ins