Using SketchUp with Help of VR

SketchUp is a computer program based on 3D model. This software is used to draw different type of application such as architectural, interior design landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering.

Now users can review their SketchUp models with VR. Here VR stands for virtual reality. SketchUp pro members can now see their SketchUp models from the inside by using the HTC Vive Oculus Rift headsets of virtual reality. By using this virtual reality SketchUp designers now save the time.

Using of virtual reality

Now users are able to review their SketchUp models with VR more effectively. Users need a right VR headset, a computer which are able to render VR experience and 3D to VR software. The virtual reality software, prospect is very intuitional to walk through SketchUp models.

Preparing SketchUp models for VR

Users have to do few things before entering the 3D based models using virtual reality software. At first users have to sure that their SketchUp models have proper geolocation settings. If the SketchUp models have proper geolocation setting then it properly counts glare and shadows cast from the natural light. This setting will also help by adjusting sun setting in virtual reality.

If users want to see different scene in the model or jump between different rooms or location then they have changed the settings in advance mode. The setting is changed automatically into viewpoints.

Viewing SketchUp models in Virtual Reality mode

After completing the upper mentioned steps now users have to plug in the VR headset and either they have to drag and drop a SketchUp file into the zone or find and upload their file by clicking the option browse. after that now users have to select the files and click the option view in VR put on the headset.

After entering the model designer will see that the model will load in front of them. This is called scale model mode and this model allows the users to rotate scale and section the models in particular. Scale model is almost similar to review a physical model by standing beside the table. VR has the interactive feature which is very useful for users.

Now users have to select the option navigate on the menu for teleporting to any point of the specific model. Now users are able to see their model in different angle and begin the architectural VR walkthrough at 1:1 scale.

VR tools for reviewing

Prospect has different tools to help the users for producing and bringing acuteness in the project. Users can adjust the setting named sun setting to make decisions about windows, lighting, and shadows. Users can use the viewpoints option or tool for creating a description about space so that the clients or colleagues can walk through the models.

Prospect uses the identified scenes which are in SketchUp for creating viewpoints. Users can navigate the viewpoints by using scale model mode or entering inside their models. All the layers are taken from SketchUp into Prospect automatically though users have to make sure that they attach their layers with groups and elements.

According to some professionals turning off the visibility of all design is quite good because it can keep the layers off while user launch to Prospect unless users are ready to change the different design options using layer menu.

Prospects are also able to create PDF reports automatically of flagged elements, notes, screenshots, different action items. By viewing this report users also will be sure that everyone would have left the VR architectural walkthrough on same page and go for next step.

Design firms using the SketchUp and VR

Many architectural firms use the VR with SketchUp for better experience and workflow. The big architecture companies like Reed Hilderbrand, Scape and Zebradog use VR with SketchUp for better work experience. They are able to show a clear image of their working or complete project to the stakeholders.

Wrap up

In this article we discussed about SketchUp and Virtual Reality, usages of these software, steps to prepare and view SketchUp models using VR and the advantages of different VR tools for reviewing SketchUp models. If viewers like this article please let us know.

Using SketchUp with Help of VR
Image Courtesy: archipreneur.com