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How to utilize LayOut in SketchUp Pro

LayOut application in SketchUp Pro is very useful for sketchup users. With LayOut the sketchup users can generate 2D drawing and documentation through SketchUp Pro. In LayOut there are several 2D vector drawing tools having similarities with SketchUp. By applying these vector drawing tools the sketchup users can accomplish various activities like inferencing, axis locking, snapping, copy arrays, and other comfy drawing habits while producing drawing in 2D. The sketchup users can also set up custom views of their SketchUp models and create baller presentations.

The sketchup users can access 8 hours free trial of LayOut with each download of SketchUp (SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro). This video performs through a bunch of LayOut's conveniet bits, along with vector drawing.

How to utilize LayOut in SketchUp Pro
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