What Do People Say About Sketchup

SketchUp is the most popular 3D-based modeling and design tool in the world. Trimble Inc is the owner of SketchUp software.

Review No. 1

Luis H. V is a Cyber Security Product Engineer. He owns a company that currently has 50 employees.

What he likes

1. According to him "Sketchup Free version for PC water-cooling designers" is the most likable thing in SketchUp. He said that SketchUp helped him to see that when the pc water cooling project completed, how it would look like.

2. He shared plans with his friends. He was also able to download more shapes to complete the specific projects. Anyone can easily learn how to use SketchUp. so it helped him a lot to choose components for a better combination.

What he dislikes

He also said that he disliked that SketchUp now offers a very expensive annual subscription. Beginners could not access it due to its cost.

Solved problem through SketchUp

He completed the project about putting a custom water cooling system inside the PC and how the 3D printing uses the community shapes from forums and search on the web.

Review No. 2

Denise A is an Architect, GP BIM, Researcher, and Teacher. She also has a small business. More than 50 people work in this company.

What she likes

According to her "Essential and good architecture tool." she said that SketchUp is a very user-friendly, and very practical tool while having a project idea. She designed many designs, constructive layouts, generate documentation and create 3D designs.

What she dislikes

What she doesn?t like that if users have to use SketchUp then they must have a computer with a powerful memory card. Though she recommended SketchUp for beginners because SketchUp is very easy to learn and use.

Solved problem by SketchUp

SketchUp helped her to measure and minimize the error in 3D modeling projects.

Review No. 3

Jana R is a Graphic Fabrication Design Intern

What he likes

1. According to him, SketchUp is a "3D Modeling for Beginners". He said that SketchUp is a simple modeling tool. By using SketchUp users can input various ideas in a digital platform. Users can easily share the ideas with others. It is also useful for 3D printing. It also has a large library of 3D objects which is available for printing.

2. SketchUp also has a very easy app version. This app is opensource and available to all. The app has the same functionality as same as the software. Users also can save projects to the cloud by using this app. This app is very helpful in the case of small personal projects.

What he dislikes

1. Some of the functions of SketchUp are not good for automatically completing some of the more complicated tasks. He also said that there are many online tutorials that help users to understand how the tools will work.

2. He pointed out another negative thing. The number of tools and options is limited. It is suitable to do basic 3D modeling.

Solved problem by SketchUp

He drew ideas in 3D very quickly and with minimum effort by using SketchUp.

Review No. 4

Dolores C is an architect. She owns a small business.

What she likes

According to him "Architect using SketchUp frequently". He used SketchUp for use interior and architectural design. SketchUp is very easy to use. Users can access the furniture from brand houses and export those directly in the model. Users also create new materials, new forms, new furniture to the design. Users also customize furniture, objects and add to other software as ArchiCAD. He also said that then users export to lumion for rendering.

What she dislikes

1. The price of SketchUp is expensive.

2. SketchUp is not suitable for complex work like Revit or ArchiCAD. it has not any direct connection to lumion. So users have to export each time and then refresh on lumion.

3. Some models in the warehouse are not good. The models have not ratings at all.

Solved problem by SketchUp

He had created furniture which is specialized to fit a determined space.

Review No. 5

Ladona S is a facilities Officer.

What she likes

She said "Sketch Much?" using SketchUp is very commendable. Users can easily make changes to this software.

Solved problem by SketchUp

1. She sketched the layout of a new building which is made out of storage metal containers.

2. She also created a new staffroom and computer labs.

3. She provided pre-tender documents for two new camera systems for the main building.

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What Do People Say About Sketchup