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WikiHouse Plugin for SketchUp

The WikiHouse plugin is free and compatible with SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013. The plugin contains 3 main features that range from Get Models', 'Share Model', and 'Make This House. With WikiHouse plugin, the users can Download, layout and create open source WikiHouse designs

It is an open-source construction set that facilitates the users to freely distribute model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, "printed" through CNC cutting machine and easily assembled. With WikiHouse anybody can design and create their own houses.

Get Models - The 'Get Models' menu item opens up a browser window within SketchUp displaying the WikiHouse website and library of models (located here under 'Browse Designs').

  1. Select 'Get Models' from the WikiHouse menu. Browse through the library to find a model you are interested in. Use the series buttons to filter by series.
  2. To download a particular model click through to its page from the main library and select 'Download Model' from the available options.
  3. You will be prompted to either open the model directly in SketchUp or save it to disk...

WikiHouse plugin for sketchup

Share Model - The 'Share Model' menu item opens up a browser window within SketchUp with the upload form for sharing your design to the WikiHouse website and library.

  1. You can either share your entire model or specific parts. To share specific elements please select these in SketchUp before running the plugin. If you do not make any selections your entire model will be shared (...before running the plugin, please ensure you have deleted all unnecessary elements which you do not want to include).
  2. Setup the current view in Sketchup to reflect your preferred model thumbnail preview - this is the image others will see of your model.
  3. Run the plugin by selecting 'Share Model' from the WikiHouse menu. Input all information on the upload form as necessary to reflect the details and status of your design, and then press 'Save and Upload'.
  4. In order to share models to the WikiHouse site online you will need a Google account (login to WikiHouse using the same credentials you use to login to GMail, Google+, Google Docs, or any other Google service).
  5. The plugin will now prepare thumbnails of your model, generate 2D cutting templates of all the elements in the model, and then upload these to the WikiHouse website. Please be advised this can take several minutes, so grab a cup of tea and wait for it to finish processing!

Make This House - The 'Make This House' menu item will attempt to create a set of cutting templates from selected elements in you model.

  • You can either run the script on your entire model or specific parts. To process specific elements please select these in SketchUp before running the plugin. If you do not make any selections your entire model will be processed.
  • Run the plugin by selecting 'Make This House' from the WikiHouse menu. You will be prompted to select a location for saving the template file. This is in '.svg' format.
  • Hit 'Save' and the plugin will attempt to extract faces from the model for all objects which conform to the modelling rules (namely objects of 18mm thickness), project these into 2-dimensions (plan view), label each component with its corresponding name identifier, and export all results to the svg file.
  • You can use the svg file to prepare your WikiHouse for CNC-milling. We are working to improve the plugin in an upcoming version so that it will also arrange elements efficiently onto standard sheet dimensions of 1200mm x 2400mm and perform the necessary offsets to acquire tool paths

WikiHouse plugin for sketchup

Please visit the following link to know how WikiHouse provides great benefits to the architect -A WikiHouse for World Maker Faire

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