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SU Podium V2 Plus for Sketchup users

Su Podium launched SU Podium V2 Plus compatible with Works with SketchUp 7/8 and 2013 as well as Windows or Mac.


V2 Plus is a free major upgrade that contains numerous advanced features for enhancing the quality and smoothness of SU Podium.


SU Podium V2 Plus contains the following exclusive features:-


  • V2 Plus comes up with Podium Image Editor facilitating rapid post processing within SketchUp (editing of your rendered image.). Podium Image Editor will help any user to produce his own preset by modifying their Podium presets with superior control of light bounces, tone mapping, etc.
  • In V2 Plus advanced material properties for metallic materials are included.
  • Availability for upgraded Physical Sky2 option for getting improved evening and early morning sky colors.
  • With new sections features, the sketchup users will be able to slice any model into physical sections for rendering.
  • Tools are reorganized to particularly take out certain material properties.
  • EditInPlace is incorporated with Podium V2 Plus.
  • Availability of new user interface supported with native Windows or Mac – now get rid of blank dialog boxes.
  • New attributes for Material UI - DTR 100% info. Hidden LEM are completely translucent.
  • Render All now works in Windows
  • Two new presets are included
  • Upgrade is free for SU Podium V2 users.

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SU Podium V2 Plus for sketchup users
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