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Pixel Perfect plugin for Sketchup

Dave Richard, the renowned Biomedical Equipment Technician, has developed Pixel Perfect plugin for sketchup. Presently it is under beta stage. The plugin can be applied to establish the ratio of the drawing window as well as test the size of your paper. After completing the process, the sketchup users can print template directly from sketchup conveniently.


The sketchup users can easily transform the drawing window precisely square for producing custom icons for toolbars.

The sketchup users can get feedback while altering the size of the drawing window. They will also come to know when they are on the size exactly.


Besides, the user will be able to view the ratio, the actual pixel dimensions of the drawing window and the name of the paper size. One can even establish a custom size for the existing session which help the users to go back to their original normal drawing window proportions.

The plugin is compatible with both Pcs and Macs.


Pixel Perfect plugin for Sketchup
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