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Generate a high quality rendering with your sketchup model by Raylectron version 3.02

SoftByte Labs, Inc recently launched Raylectron version 3.02, a most important improvement to their Raylectron suite.

Raylectron v3.02 can smoothly and efficiently render 3D models created with Sketchup into a photorealistic image.

Raylectron contains three diversified rendering modes. Based on the renderable scene, the users can apply raytracing with proper shadows, pathtracing with or without direct illumination and photonmapping for generating an exclusive effect.

Raylectron consists of four types of light source ranging from the sun, the sky, environment maps and any materials set as a light source (emitter) having settings for the power and coverage angle. Any materials can generate various effects like reflection (like mirror), refraction (like glass), transparency, glossiness, shininess, bump maps, normal maps, grass and background images. Shadows are not false or reproduced like "Soft shadows". Caustics are also genuine, not forged or replicated. Raylectron applies all the CPU cores and threads (user selectable) to perform rendering in quickest possible time. It can also utilize slaves by setting up Raylectron on remote computers further increasing the rendering speed.

Some of the amazing features:

  • Render OBJ files.
  • Rendered animation.
  • Save rendered data.
  • Physical sun and sky.
  • Support HDR 360° maps.
  • Twopoint perspective.
  • Start/Stop/Resume render.
  • GPU Acceleration, faster CPU.
  • Free Sketchup while rendering.
  • Fix Reversed Face Material tool.
  • XRay vision (render through walls).
  • Instancing of components and groups.
  • Network render. Unlimited number of nodes.
  • Grass & Fur real time preview and generation.
  • Model viewer (rotate, pan, zoom as in Sketchup).
  • Stereo Vision (crossedeye, no glasses required).
  • Transparent background (great for saving as PNG).
  • Save render in HDR, PSD, PNG, JPG and many other formats.

Raylectron v3.02 is available for free evaluation.

For additional information about Raylectron:

sketchup model by Raylectron version

sketchup model by Raylectron version

sketchup model by Raylectron version

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