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EdgeInspector version 1.1 for Sketchup

EdgeInspector for sketchup is developed by Fredo. It is a useful sketchup plugin. It contains a standardize script that is used to examine and resolve on some edge deformities like overlaps, tiny edges, tiny gaps, split edges, coplanar edges in any models. These deformities may arise after DXF imports and Intersections. Presently the plugin supports five edge faults.

EdgeInspector for sketchup contains a Geometrical Magnifier Glass having capability for scrutinizing details ahead of the indigenous zoom aptitude of Sketchup (2x – 5000x).

This sketchup plugin is free and can be utilized for commercial and individual application. The plugin is compatible with sketchup version SU6, SU7, SU8, SU13. It performs better with SU8 M1 and above. It is available in English and French Version.

In order to avail it visit sketchucation plugin store and select Tools>Fredo Tools where it is installed by default.

The plugin contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Selection of edges and faces (through clic, double-clic, triple-clic, by modifiers Shift and Ctrl)
  • Tape Measure involving inferencing (point to point or parallel from an edge)
  • Move Vertex, Edges or Faces with inferencing
  • Edge Eraser - Erase selected edges and faces with “DEL key”
  • Repair Now, to resolve deformities separately
  • Ignore Repair, mark a defect so that it is ignored by the global repairing of EdgeInspector

The latest version of EdgeInspector comes up with managing of 2 new defects:

  • lost junctions in contours
  • needle-eyes, i.e. interlacing of contours

Downloadable link

EdgeInspector version 1.1 for Sketchup

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