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Advanced Camera Tools - SketchUp Pro 8

The Advanced Camera Tools plugin for Google SketchUp Pro 8 allows you to create optically and physically modeled professional cameras that can be configured and manipulated just as they would in the real world. Cameras you create with the ACT provide precise controls for properties like Focal Length, Aspect Ratio and Image Width, allowing you to accurately model and preview real camera shots inside any model you’re working with.

Advanced Camera Tools for SketchUp Pro 8

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From loose storyboarding to advanced shot analysis, you can use the Advanced Camera Tools throughout the planning phases of any film, video or photography project.

  • With the Advanced Camera Tools, you can:
  • Add any number of physical cameras to your model.
  • Choose from dozens of pre-configured camera types, or create your own.
  • Position and aim your ACT cameras using familiar moves like Pan, Tilt, Dolly, Truck and Pedestal.
  • Set the Focal Length of any camera to simulate a large number of physical lenses. Look through your ACT cameras to preview Aspect Ratio and Safe Zones for the shots you’re planning.
  • Toggle on and off all of your ACT cameras’ frustums to clearly see what is—and isn’t— visible in your shots.
  • Edit the properties of any ACT camera in your model at any time.

Example: Scene 17 from “Danger From Above, Mr. President”

The following images show a street scene with three ACT cameras placed in the model. In this case, all three are 35mm Super 35 3-Perf 2.40 Extracted Area film cameras. Camera A has a focal length of 50mm, Camera B has a focal length of 135mm, and Camera C has a focal length of 85mm. The aspect ratio for all three cameras is set to 2.40.

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