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E-on software unveiled LumenRT 4.3 for sketchup

E-on software, has just introduced LumenRT 4.3. The registered users of LumenRT 4 can make a free upgarede to this trial version. LumenRT 4.3 consists of a new content library having 80 latest real-time optimized plants.

With LumenRT 4.3 the users can take the advantages of Plant factory technology that is packed up as a library and can be applied directly within the most important CAD and GIS systems and transformed effortlessly into LumenRT. The plants come up with real-time performance facilitating huge populations of several examples to be generated. There are diversified new Hardwood, Evergreen and Broadleaf trees together with an extensive set of bushes, shrubs and flowers in the librarys.

LumenRT 4.3 is compatible with SketchUp Free and SketchUp Pro (7, 8 and 2013) as well as Bentley MicroStation SS3, Revit 2012/2013. It can also import scenes exported from e-on software Vue and saved models in all major 3D formats.

The users can buy the product from within the plug-in or a LiveCube to make it a complete commercial licence.

LumenRT 4.3 contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Custom per material reflection quality setting
  • Optimized export of large Microstation scenes
  • Superior artificial lighting for largely offset scenes
  • Superior north rotation value while executing a static export of an animated scene

E-on software unveiled LumenRT 4.3 for sketchup

Download free trial version

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