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CADspan Plugin 2.17 for Sketchup

The CADspan Plugin for SketchUp facilitates the users to produce a solid, 3D printable valid STL files directly from a SketchUp model.

The plugin consists of various tools mentioned below to alleviate the model making procedure for 3D printing:


  • Resurfacer - Shrinkwrap a model into one permanent, solid mesh
  • 3D Print Visualization Style - A visual style that focuses complications areas in a model
  • Layerize tool - Simply eliminate all geometry inside components and groups to a layer
  • Smooth/Unsmooth – switch over smoothing on a model's rounded geometry
  • Free Version for individual as well as minor applications

The new version includes the following exclusive features:-


  • Superior STL import/export tools for SketchUp
  • Process numerous files simultaneously through the web application interface
  • Upload and process files from third party CAD software
  • Resurface any CAD model virtually
  • Modify errors in accessible CAD like holes and gaps, coplanar faces, and reversed normals
  • Integrates numerous intersecting objects into one solid file
  • Eliminates interior geometry and translates directly into 3D printable STL files


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CADspan Plugin 2.17 for Sketchup
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