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Sketchup Course 2017 Lecture By Ailton Brito

We are going to feature an exclusive session on sketchup lecture which is proudly presented by the Brazillian Sketchup Instructor Ailto Brito.

This lecture is mainly designed and developed with a view to provide an ultimate walkthrough on sketchup irrespective of whether the user is beginner or an expert.

Basically this lecture is delivered on the basis of 3D models. The instructor has delivered a quality guideline on sketchup in this awesome tutorial.

You can catch up with the instructor (Ailto Brito) by following his amazing and content-rich youtube channel. Hit the subscribe button for more interactive lectures and tutorials provided by his channel (

Lesson Theme is only available in the full course version.

You can also visit the following website to get full course information from February 2017.


Sketchup Course 2017 Lecture By Ailton Brito