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SketchUp Components 3D Warehouse - Building

This is a real and correctly-located model of the building. The model represents high level of detail, great design and architectural work. The model can applied for interactive applications, especially real time simulation.

The model can be uploaded to Google 3D warehouse and Google Earth. The model is made up with sketchup, a unique 3d modeling tool from Google. The model is free to download.

Digital Building Olympics French-cottage Style House Large Blue House with Car
Digital Building Olympics
Download Google SketchUp 6
French-cottage Style House
Download Google SketchUp 6
SketchUp - Large Blue Building
Download Google SketchUp 6
Lebedev Studio building M16 AKA Building Metlife Building Skyline
Lebedev Studio building
Download Google SketchUp 5
SketchUp - AKA Building
Download Google SketchUp 6
Metlife Building Skyline
Download Google SketchUp 7

Mixed-use Building Modern Building Architects National Diet Building
Mixed-use Building
Download Google SketchUp 6
Modern Building Architects
Download Google SketchUp 6
SketchUp - National Building
Download Google SketchUp 5
National Diet Building Old City Commercial Building Residential Office Building
Building with Blue Windows
Download Google SketchUp 6
Old City Commercial Building
Download Google SketchUp 6
Residential Office Building
Download Google SketchUp 6

Ronald Reagan Building Round Rock Civic Building San Diego Marriott Complex
Ronald Reagan Building
Download Google SketchUp 7
Round Rock Civic Building
Download Google SketchUp 5
San Diego Marriott Complex
Download Google SketchUp 5
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