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Prague Old Town Hall and Orloj

Banquetas Chair


Dobrý deň! This is a 3D model of the Old Town City Hall and Orloj in Prague. The Orloj is also known as the Astronomical Clock Tower. The clock tower puts on an animated show each hour featuring carved wooden figures, including a skeleton ringing a large bell on a rope. I got to see this on my recent visit to Prague, thanks to my friend Suzy. The complex clock, which is over 600 years old, includes a special dial marking Czech "name days" on which everyone with the same name celebrates. The clock and city hall was badly damaged in May 1945 by incendiary fire from tanks and an anti-aircraft gun. The original wooden figures burned at this time, but were restored soon afterward. Click the link below to see how the clockwork operates in time-lapse animation. This 3D building model is a hybrid Building Maker-SketchUp model. ©2010 Zoungy

Download Model: Google SketchUp 6

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