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Old Town City Hall & Astronomical Clock

Banquetas Chair


Model created as part of the project of non-profit civic association CIANT (International Centre for Art and New Technologies - The administrative centre of the original Prague - Old Town, and an important monument of Prague’s historical core. - The Old Town, recognized as a town since 1230’s, was granted the permission to open a town hall in 1338 by the King John of Luxemburg. Its core became a house, freely standing by a water stream, bought from a merchant Wolfin of Kamen. Its distinct tower, raised in 1360's, hosts the famous Astronomical Clock, built into its southern face by Parléř’s stone works at the very dawn of the 15th century. - The Clock itself ranks among the third oldest in Europe (after the ones in Padova IT and Strasbourg FR), but the most authentic one, using out of its circa 350 parts over 3/4 of the originals from the 15th century. - The second house, with a council room, was attached from the western side after 1360, and the third house bought from Mikeš the Furrier was added in 1458, rebuilt in Neo-Renaissance style in 1880. - The eastern tract of the Town Hall was added in 1830's, almost immediately dismantled and completely rebuilt in a Neo-Gothic style in 1838-48. It was damaged during fights at the very end of WWII and subsequently taken down. - The Old Town City Hall has been named a national cultural monument since 1962.

Download Model: Google SketchUp 6

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