Looking Back To sketchup 3D Basecamp In 2018

3D basecamp is a meeting or gathering where people go to learn, inspire, meet with new people and for fun. It is very positive option for spending a week. There are 3 SketchUp basecamp happened in Boulder, vail and steamboat springs the fourth basecamp happened in Palm Spring, CA. More than 1200 people participated in this basecamp from 30 countries.

Advantages of Attempting Basecamp

3D basecamp is the best way to learn about SketchUp. This is suitable for beginners to advanced. Interested folks can understand SketchUp very well at a certain level by attending two-day beginner course. After attending it people are able to build their own schedule with a workshop and conference presentation.

Interested folks who are already almost in SketchUp may learn something from the seasoned professionals in 3D basecamp. They will know about dabble in extensions, new workflows, and many more.

If any people want to increase professional network then they must attend the 3D basecamp. It is the best place where interested folk can meet with 1000 people. 3D basecamp is the best option for them who use the SketchUp as part of professional workflow. Interested people get train for their team and themselves at very low cost.

Everybody spends a goodtime in the 3D basecamp. People attend the 3D basecamp to learn but the speakers and workshop leaders are very funny so they will give the learners a lough also. There are more than that. People will also enjoy the scavenger hunts, pool deck parties, live music, the legendary basecamp swag bag and many more!

The one thing that make the 3D basecamp so popular is the people themselves.

About the 3D Basecamp in 2018

There was no particular major theme at this conference. SketchUp is used in different industries like architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, rendering, construction, 3D printing, event design, movie design and many more. A huge amount of AR/VR on display, especially the VR island, a room where peoples could use variety of headsets for trying these out.

There was a good show from rendering solution such as V-Ray, Lumion, and SUPodium. The rendering and visualization solutions from game engine technology was very popular at that time. SketchUp tried to push the BIM envelop by the parametric and data centric building modeling approach which were PlusSpec, Dibac, 3skeng. Condoc tools and Estimator showed the use of data in the construction process workflow. By creating few laser scans of the building's gigabyte volume could easily reach. Trimble, matterport and Undet showed the approach.

In previous Basecamp SketchUp did not announce any type of new product. This time bootcamp preceded basecamp. This allowed a large number of SketchUp training. The next SketchUp basecamp would happen in Canada but stopped due to the pandemic situation.

Important Thing Happened in Basecamp 2018

Marvelous Content: 3D basecamp was a learning place for few days. Interested people from all background came to 3D basecamp and learn, share SketchUp sharing. In 2018 SketchUp 3D basecamp showed nearly 70% of workflows from architecture to interior design, prop design, low-poly modeling.

Learning Scope for all: In the 3D basecamp the presenters who would cover a set of topics and present information to all experience level were recruited. In SketchUp 101 classes there were many topics discussed like organic modeling, and rendering in SketchUp. There were 48% attendant who were new users came to 3D basecamp to learn new things and it was very challenging for both the learners and trainers.

Fun Moment: In 2018 3D basecamp gave opportunities the learners to get together and share. There was camp fire for fun in 101-degree afternoon. Party in desert was the funniest thing happened in 3D basecamp.

Looking Back To sketchup 3D Basecamp In 2018
Image Courtesy: sketchupfordesign.com