Medeek Construction Library

The Medeek Construction Library is all about combines the original Truss Plugin, Foundation Plugin, and New Wall Plugin. They provide the best plugin for the construction and their good will is leading themselves ahead.

Introduction: The Medeek Construction Library is known for its collection of SketchUp Plugins that provides us a simple interface to create the perfect 3D construction geometry within SketchUp. This Plugin uses the SketchUp Ruby API programming interface and is perfect match with the brand new releases (SketchUP Make 2017 64-bit and SketchUp Pro2017 64-bit) as well as previous versions (2013,2014,2015,2016).

Here is a little information of our current and future Plugins :-
? This Library will be composed of the following plugins initially:
1. Truss Plugin
2. Foundation Plugin
3. Wall Plugin (pre-release)

? Other plugins which are going to be added in future:
1. Structural Plugin (Engineering)
2. Deck Plugin
3. Stair plugin
4. RC Plugin (Reinforced Concrete)

Here is another list of Meddeek company?s current versions:-
1. The current version of the Medeek Truss Plugin 1.9.3 (6/25/2017).
2. The current version of the Medeek Foundation Plugin is 1.1.4 (6/11/2017).
For your information we will provide you the risks and challenges about the plugins...

Risks and Challenges: There are some challenges that have come on their way about their product but they are developing their works day by day to provide the best. The programming of the truss plugin takes long time and after spending a lot of time over the programming the substantial results come. According to a programmer of the Medeek Construction Library a program contain both the truss plugin and the fundamental plugin took 2 years to complete to become well. But still they need some significant work on them and to add some features those are still missing in them. After that their functionality will surely increase and individually they both will work good in their own right way.

He also said that, his structural engineering experience and focus and well known programming knowledge also with the SketchUp API coupled with his passion for 3D building models give him an right mix of skill and determination and dedication to continue his work and to make more and more serious and new SketchUp Design Tool that can work better than now. And could make some awesome structures.

Medeek Construction Library