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How to use skatter for sketchup to develop boxwood and hedge instantly

This sketchup video describes how to apply skatter for sketchup for developing a quick boxwood shrub and later on building a hedge instantly.


One can download Boxwood model from the following link

Scatter for skethup offers the following functionalities :-


HOSTS: Scatter objects lying on surfaces, adjacent to curves as well as select seperate points in the model.


AREAS: specify exact areas where the scattered objects should be allotted or not with the help SketchUp curves and objects.


CAMERA CLIPPING: Develop only the objects noticeable by the camera, or dispose of the ones too far away.

DISTRIBUTION: Distribute objects indiscriminately, on a grid, or a combine the two, on vertices, faces, etc. Modify the distribution with altitude, slope, and collisions parameters. Apply probabilities while scattering numerous types of objects, to identify precise mixtures.


RANDOMNESS: Randomize the positioning of objects with random translation, rotation, scale, and mirroring.


FALLOFFS: To get rid of hard cutoffs, just apply falloff parameters containing areas, altitude, slope, camera clipping, to characterize easy transformations.


How to use skatter for sketchup to develop boxwood and hedge instantly


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